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Accoya® is an essential part of our unique thermal metal+glass+Accoya® door and window system. We mostly buy shaped Accoya® through Rex Lumber.

Our 2Fold Door system was designed in 2016 to create a premium, thermally insulated steel folding door system. Instead of applying the usual plastic thermal breaks to the metal components we decided to take a radically different approach to the insulation problem.

2Fold is a hybrid system that has deep solid steel sash members that are the thinnest face dimension in the world and chose Accoya® for all interior surfaces because of its extraordinary thermal properties. The 2Fold family is grown to having a full complement of in and outs-swinging windows, doors and skylights

Another advantage of the Accoya® on the inside replacing the sloppy joinery of the mostly aluminium glazing beads that haunt other steel and aluminium windows is the refined joinery of glazing beads being made as fully assembled frames with elegant miter joints.

The environmental and longevity benefits of Accoya® sync perfectly with the strength and recyclability of steel without plastic thermal breaks.

In 2020 we are introducing a companion product called OpenUp that will replace the solid steel with solid aluminium for smaller sizes to offer a more price sensitive product while still using Accoya® as our interior material.

The thermal performance of all 2Fold products with Accoya® exceed the capabilities of any other thermally broken steel or aluminum window and door system in the world.

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