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Individually designed excellence. At Deben Joinery, we offer a choice of the finest quality timbers. Preferred timbers such as Accoya are renowned for their durability and sustainability. We are proud to be an Accoya Approved Manufacturer.

Over 10 Years of Handcrafted Joinery. Driven by a love of working with wood and a passion for the art of joinery. We produce beautiful timber joinery custom-built to exact specifications made by our in-house team of expert joiners using state-of-the-art machinery.

We not only make unique one-offs for listed buildings and bespoke designs for private developments or residences, we also have the capacity to fulfill big orders on a large-scale-production basis.

Our expertise is expansive. Everything from the sophistication of restoring historic buildings, to the most contemporary and environmentally friendly solutions on the market. All of our timber products can be supplied primed, polished or fully decorated.

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