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RitikaaWood is India’s premier timber engineering company using Certified Sustainable Timber. We offer European Quality wood products to discerning designers and clients in India that are made from Class 1 Durability Timber warranted for 50 years life in the outdoors and have successfully completed over 600+ projects in 50+ locations across India over the past 10 years.

RitikaaWood is a specialist, bespoke manufacturer of Real, Natural and Solid Wood products for demanding Outdoor applications such as Windows, Doors, Wooden Cladding & Wooden Decking etc. We are trusted to deliver customized site specific offerings which are factory made, factory finished and factory assembled to exacting European quality standards.

We offer the widest range of solutions right from cladding, decking, windows, doors and screens, all made from Class 1 Durability Accoya Wood that is also certified to be sustainable and comes with a unique 50 year warranty for above ground use. Our comprehensive product portfolio is complemented by premium accessories, glass options and high-end coatings that are engineered to last a lifetime.

Our solutions are developed to deliver uncompromising levels of performance and durability that are seamlessly delivered to meet your custom site-specific requirements.

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