10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

10 examples of outstanding wooden façades that don’t disappoint.

Most commercial structures are built using glass walls and stone or concrete façades leaving wood siding to residential building. With the improvements in CLT (cross laminated timber) it’s no surprise that there is an increase in popularity in using wood for exterior facade materials on tall wood buildings and integrating wood façades in commercial construction. Trends in residential siding include color, mixed materials, and innovative finishes like charred wood, also known as shou sugi ban, an ancient Japanese practice.

Creative, innovative or simply interesting, building façades create architectural standout. We explore 10 examples of outstanding wooden façades that don’t disappoint.


Sometimes art museums house works of art, and sometimes the museum itself is a work of art. The Aspen Art Museum, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, did not disappoint onlookers when it opened in the summer of 2014. The museum’s inventive design features a woven screen made of Prodema, a wood product made of paper and resin, and the roof is composed of waves of wood.

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10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Image courtesy of Michael Moran / OTTO


Upon first glance, you might not believe this Sound Community Bank was formerly a Burger King. Maybe not on second or third glance, either. Spore Architecture worked off the existing footprint to create an upscale branch featuring custom elements like sliding wall panels and graphic wall art. The crisp, current façade is a combination of corrugated metal, composite panels, and cedar rainscreen that gives the bank a durable look that will last.

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10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Image courtesy of Spore Architecture 


The university was interested in creating an architectural language that spoke to the idea of a farmstead but didn’t directly recreate the barn structure.“Using a modernized wood, material was a priority from a sustainability aspect,” said Chris Wingate, LEED AP and associate at MSR Design.

Accoya® wood was the ideal choice as it is the is one of the few building products to have acquired Cradle to CradleSM Certification at the elusive C2C Gold Level, and a C2C Platinum Level recognition for the most important C2C sustainable category; Material Health. All of the exterior cladding is Accoya® wood, both charred and stained. The charred Accoya® wood was completed by Delta Millworks based in Austin, Texas.

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10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Accoya® selected by the University of Minnesota for their Bee Pollination Centre


Delta Millworks manufactured the Accoya® siding for a truly unique, all-season weekend home in New York. Using the Japanese finishing technique called “shou sugi ban” the Accoya wood, supplied to Delta by Universal Forest Products, was charred to give the house’s façade a modern, weathered texture.

By utilising this technique, the final look is a striking, deep colour finish. Delta has found the char developed on Accoya is more dense and durable than on other woods and with Accoya®’s dimensional stability, this provides a foundation to achieve increased char service life.

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10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

The Sleeve House utilises Accoya® in contemporary design


Imagine attending a yoga class that begins before you even walk in the building. That’s what the Modern Office of Architecture + Design set out to achieve when they were tasked with converting an old office building into a yoga and Pilates studio. The flowing waves of the topographic appearance of the screen are actually 100-year-old reclaimed fir meant to replicate the movement of bodies inside the studio. The best part? The unique layout of the façade allows for different perspectives of its waves based on your location in or out of the building.

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The Oregon Bach Festival was granted its own building at the University of Oregon for the first time in history. The building, Berwick Hall, is filled with rehearsal, recital, and lecture facilities and is located near the School of Music and Dance. Accoya® wood was chosen for the cladding as it blended in with the other materials in the building and the surrounding neighborhood and the Accoya® requires significantly less maintenance than other wood cladding.

10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Oregon Bach Festival selects Accoya® wood cladding for its building, USA



The Center for Wellbeing in Edinburgh needed a façade that lived up to its name. That’s where timber cladding came in. To create the right look for the Thistle Foundation, an organization that aids individuals in need of emotional support, they turned to 3DReid to fashion an exterior that was as warm and friendly on the outside as the folks are on the inside.

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10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Image courtesy of 3DReid


Three coats of permeating and sealing stains are on the Accoya® wood siding of this duplex in Pittsburgh’s upscale Squirrel Hill community. The hands-on homeowner was impressed with both the feature of the shiplap-patterned outer walls and Accoya® wood’s durability, 50-year guarantee above ground and low carbon footprint. This was an important element in the ultra-energy efficient duplex achieving a passive house certification – the first in the area.

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10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Accoya® selected for the Squirrel Hill Passive House duplex in Pittsburgh


Langley Academy in South East England aspires to elevate academic standards through re imagining the entire school experience, so when it was time for a new building, they knew it needed to match their vision. The new design is perfectly curated to work in tandem with the school’s innovative curriculum, and the exterior wood cladding is sourced from sustainable timber.

For full project details, read more from Foster + Partners.

10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Image courtesy of Foster + Partners


Manufactured by reSAWN TIMBER, Accoya® was chosen from the MATSU shou sugi ban charred collection to clad a project in Bellport, New York. Designed by Studio DB, the Accoya® was burnt on the outer facing side of the tongue and groove cladding and specified because of its extreme durability, exterior weathering capabilities and exterior warranty.

10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Charred using the ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, MATSU is finished without brushing off the soft charcoal layer. This charcoal layer is a sacrificial wear layer that will flake slowly (as is expected for any natural building product) over time to reveal a blackened effect underneath with variations in colour from grey to brown tones – perfect for this heavily wooden landscape.

Charred Accoya® selected for private residence in Bellport, New York

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