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The architectural landscape is often complex and has inspired architectural minds to challenge the traditional perceptions of materials such as timber. It is true that increasingly more architects, interior designers and psychologists are recognising the potential and, indeed, the importance of this material, creating functional masterpieces all over the world which will allow people to live and work more freely and happily, and to experience the world through a different medium.

Our blog articles explore architectural trends and questions, providing creative and inspiring content.

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April 2019
Black is back! Charred timber is all the rage amongst architects and designers

Due to numerous beautiful realisations around the world, Shou sugi ban is enjoying an increase in popularity. In the last two years this ancient Japanese technique has been rediscovered and is now reinventing the way modern constructions are using materials today, but what is Shou sugi ban?

What is Accoya?

We are regularly asked “what is Accoya?” Often contractors or architects might not be totally familiar with this high performance wood, but have heard the name and want to know more about it. We hope to be able to answer that question in this blog.

Make the most of a small garden

There's no need to neglect a smaller garden. Just because you don't have acres of space doesn't mean you can't surround yourself with botanical magic.Our friends at Oxford Planters have shared their 6 tips to maximise a small garden, we've discussed them here.

Timber vs UPVC Windows – Guest Blog by Jon McKnight

It's safe to say that Jon is an advocate of Accoya, and does not hold alternative materials with much regard at all.

Choosing the right materials for health and wellbeing

Increasingly we face reports, journals and investigations that offer the same insights into your environment having a major impact on health and wellbeing. It makes sense in simple terms. Natural materials are good for you, unnatural materials are likely to be less good for you, or even bad for you

Sustainable wood is the garden trend for 2019

The use of sustainable products is a trend that also applies to gardens. With increasing awareness of high quality, sustainable materials the use of plastics and composites are declining. More and more gardeners are turning to sustainable and natural products that fit with the aesthetic of their own

Acetylation. What is it and what is acetylated wood?

The science behind Accoya® wood technology is acetylation. The process of subjecting a softwood to a vinegar, which turns it into a hardwood by preventing the cells in the wood from being able to absorb water. Providing the spectacular properties for which Accoya® is recognised.

Guest Blog by Ro&Ad Architects – 12 interesting facts about the Moses Bridge

Identified as the “Building of the Year” by ArchDaily in 2011 and one of the top 20 most visited Archdaily projects in 2014, the Moses Bridge project has become the most popular Accoya® project of all time.

14 stunning examples of exterior wooden cladding

Explore 14 stunning examples of exterior wooden cladding from building projects around the world, including timber cladding examples with imagery.

What is the best timber to use for decking?

Decking is an ideal solution for both garden and commercial projects. Timber decking can be used to create balconies, walkways, maximise the use of sloping sites as well as low maintenance solution for outdoor spaces.

Accoya and the Circular Economy (C2C) – a perfect fit!

As a result of increasing global population and consumption, and a linear make-take-waste economy, our planet is over exploited resulting in depletion of the world natural resources, a huge waste problem, toxic emissions and ultimately global warming.

10 x Examples of Amazing Wood Façades

Creative, innovative or simply interesting, building façades create architectural standout. We explore 10 examples of outstanding wooden façades that don’t disappoint.

A Series of Architectural Feats and Firsts from Accoya® Wood

A look at striking architectural projects around the world to celebrate The London Festival of Architecture

Hardwood vs. Softwood – how to choose the right timber

Hardwood vs. Softwood – we explore the differences between the two woods and alternatives, allowing you to understand the differences and choose the right timber.