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The Accoya Project Collection provides an extensive look at some of the most inspirational uses of Accoya from around the Globe. From the stunning architectural design of Barangaroo House in Sydney, Australia to the glorious Banff Observation Deck in Canada.

You’ll find a range of projects showcasing the use of Accoya in Cladding, Decking and Windows & Doors.

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10 Swimming Pool Decks You Want to Experience This Summer


Wood swimming pool deck and pool surround for the perfect garden retreat

Swimming pool wood deck design ideas

Wood swimming pool deck and pool surround for the perfect garden retreat

There is nothing better than a swimming pool with wood decking. It’s perfect to cool down on a hot summer day and the ideal place to relax and forget the stress of a busy week. As we swim through the cool water, it’s like we are on holiday and all our worries feel far away. And after, it’s time to take some refreshments on the wood decking by the pool. Ideally, sitting on the wooden pool surround whilst dangling our feet in the water.

Here are some of the best swimming pools with wood decking to get you dreaming this summer. And if you are looking to build your own swimming pool, let’s get inspired by some of the swimming pool deck design ideas…

The advantages of wood swimming pool decks made from Accoya

Swimming pool wood deck designs

The advantages of wood swimming pool decks made from Accoya

Is Accoya the best wood for swimming pool decks?

Accoya wood is the ideal material to build wood swimming pool decks and pool surrounds, due to its high performance and unrivalled sustainability.

Choose natural wood and give your swimming pool decking a special charm; only genuine wood can deliver this authentic look and pleasant feel. In our garden, we also only want to use environmentally friendly materials that are in harmony with nature.

Thanks to its exceptional performance benefits, especially when in contact with water, Accoya is ideal for swimming pool decks. Accoya decking and pool surrounds are very durable, low maintenance and resistant to rot and decay. Accoya wood decking and swimming pool surrounds come with a 25-year warranty, even when installed with direct contact to water.

You can also feel the benefits of Accoya decking: Accoya decking is very barefoot-friendly, as it will not noticeably crack or splinter even after decades.  It also doesn’t get too hot in the sun and remains cool on your skin, perfect to spend hours lingering by the pool.

Here are 10 beautiful examples of Accoya wood swimming pool decks to be inspired by. Let’s take a plunge…

Swimming pool surrounded by wood decking

Swimming pool surrounded by wood decking

In this property in Nottwil, Switzerland, the swimming pool is surrounded by a beautiful Accoya wood deck, which achieves a very harmonic appearance. The wood swimming pool deck and pool surround was installed uncoated and therefore went through a natural weathering and greying process. The grey decking boards look beautiful in contrast with the blue water, especially in such a beautiful evening atmosphere, as in the photo.

The swimming pool deck was supplied by Herzog-Elmiger AG.

Swimming pool made out of Accoya wood

Swimming pool made out of Accoya wood

For this project, wood was not only used for the swimming pool deck but also the pool itself.

Natura specialises in swimming pools and whirlpools that are made entirely of wood. They use Accoya as the solid wood is durable and rot-proof, does not warp and comes with a warranty of 25 years even when immersed in water. Thanks to the high dimensional stability, Accoya can easily withstand high water pressure and ground movements. To ensure that the pool is watertight, Natura has developed a special membrane that is installed below the Accoya wood.

Natural pool surrounded by curvy wood decking

Natural pool surrounded by curvy wood decking

When building this natural pool, it was important to only use natural and environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, Accoya wood decking was used to build a pool surround along with various natural stones. The pool surround and wood swimming pool deck was designed in round shapes, to draw inspiration from natural shapes found in the outdoors. These tailor-made shapes were no problem for the manufacturer, as the brilliant machinability of Accoya mean it can be processed as desired. The Accoya swimming pool deck was installed without coating and will naturally weather and build a beautiful silver-grey patina over time.

This wood swimming pool deck and pool surround was installed by M. Hechenblaickner and its partners.

Photos: ©M. Hechenblaickner

Dark coated swimming pool wood deck design

Dark coated swimming pool wood deck design

In Israel, Accoya was used for the wood swimming pool deck, pool surround and an underwater platform to build this beautiful swimming pool.

Due to the high UV radiation in Israel, coated wood decking usually needs constant repainting. Due to its high dimensional stability, Accoya does not deform, splinter or crack, which puts much less stress on the coating. Homeowners can therefore enjoy their coated decking for much longer before they need to repaint.

The Accoya warranty of 25 years includes applications that are immersed in water, which ensures that the underwater platform will last for decades.

A Blanchon oil was applied to the Accoya wood swimming pool deck boards. The underwater platform was left uncoated and will turn grey over time.

Accoya wood swimming pool deck in the Pyrenees

Accoya wood swimming pool deck in the Pyrenees

A wood swimming pool deck made of Accoya was installed in the French Pyrenees. The project was carried out by Gaius, who choose Accoya for their swimming pool wood deck designs, as they only work with materials that are highly sustainable and have a long service life.

This is a prime example of an idyllic garden retreat that can be built with wood swimming pool decks for inground pools.

Elegant wood swimming pool deck in Puglia

Elegant wood swimming pool deck in Puglia

A beautiful Accoya wood swimming pool deck was built in a private residence in Puglia, Southern Italy. The private residence is part of the Trulli of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which are very popular for tourist visiting the area.

The Accoya decking boards were wire brushed before installation, to achieve a textured distressed looking finish.

More information about the wood swimming pool deck, delivered by Kobel SRL, can be found in this swimming pool decking case study.

Versatile Accoya for wood swimming pool deck and pool surround

Versatile Accoya for wood swimming pool deck and pool surround

Example of creative wood swimming pool decks above ground designs

This wood swimming pool deck in Austria shows the versatility of Accoya, as it’s easy to coat and process to achieve creative swimming pool wood deck designs.

The natural wood was not only used for the swimming pool deck, but also the wooden pool surround. There is even some Accoya cladding on the above ground pool surround, which has two waterfalls embedded, for a special swimming pool deck design. The high humidity and regular contact with water are no problem for the wood decking and pool surround, as Accoya has a 25-year warranty even when installed with direct contact to water. The durable Accoya wood is highly water resistant, and should be chosen when looking for the best wood for a swimming pool deck.

More details about this wood swimming pool deck project from Austrian distributor M. Hechenblaickner can be found here:

photos: ©M. Hechenblaickner

Biarritz swimming pool and wood decking

Biarritz swimming pool and wood decking

A villa in Biarritz on the French Atlantic coast was equipped with a breathtaking wood swimming pool deck and pool surround made of Accoya wood. The project was installed by The Natural Pool Company, who put great emphasis on only using natural materials for their swimming pools and decking. Maintaining the style of sustainability and the C2C philosophy, the decking was installed uncoated and will naturally turn grey over time.
Accoya swimming pool deck in Cannes

Accoya swimming pool deck in Cannes

Accoya was chosen for the wood swimming pool deck and pool surround of the beautiful Villa Carat in Cannes.

Accoya wood was specified by Woodstone Project due to its exceptional performance: It’s very durable, stable, rot free and sustainable, all whilst adding the charm of natural solid wood. An essential benefit was also, that the swimming pool deck is barefoot friendly: Accoya does not splinter or crack and remains cool even on the hottest day.

This wood swimming pool deck was installed using a Grad system, an Accoya partner since 2013. More details about this project can be found here.

photos: ©woodstone-project


Accoya wood swimming pool deck for greek dream destination

Accoya wood swimming pool deck for greek dream destination

Accoya was used by Atlas Wood for the wood swimming pool deck in a private residence in Greece.
Accoya was specified by the customer for their pool design due to its many benefits, including superior stability than other woods, Class 1 durability and unrivalled sustainability credentials. Applications such as swimming pool decking, where the wood is often wet and in contact with the ground, require a durable wood that is effective against rot and decay. Accoya is the best wood for the swimming pool deck and the customer is delighted with their new pool design.

Best wood for swimming pool deck

Inspiration for your Swimming pool wood deck design ideas

These breath-taking swimming pool wood deck designs will keep us dreaming all summer and might have inspired to build our own swimming pool with wood deck.
When looking for the best wood for the swimming pool deck and pool surrounds, consider using Accoya. Thanks to its versatility, durability and dimensional stability, especially in contact with water, Accoya lends itself to build tailor-made shapes and dimensions with unique colours and coatings. No matter whether it’s for swimming pool decks for inground pools or for wood decks for above ground swimming pools.
Get in touch with your local Accoya supplier and let them advise you on how best to build the wood swimming pool deck of your dreams.

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5 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space With Decking by HOUZZ

Make the most of your garden, expand living space and cut down on maintenance with natural wood decking


Warm weather means spending more time outdoors, a season to enjoy relaxing in the garden on a sunny afternoon or getting together with friends for a meal outside. If you’re looking to better set up your outdoor space, whatever its size, a wood decking can add attractive square footage for lounging, cooking, dining, entertaining and even working. The most dramatic decks can show off your home’s architecture and boost the overall look of your outdoor space.

“Decks are a great extension to an interior living space and can extend the feeling of interior space,” says architect Lisa Bovell, principal architect at McLeod Bovell Modern Houses in Vancouver. Read on to discover five ways that adding natural wood decking can enhance your outdoor space and lifestyle, and learn the advantages of choosing natural, highly durable and sustainably sourced wood as a decking material.

1. Boost Your Outdoor Living Space

Natural wood decking is an ideal transition from your home’s interior to the outdoors. “Decks are a great way to create a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior if the colour of the hardwood flooring on the interior matches the deck beyond,” Bovell says. For this stunning home in West Vancouver designed by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses, the deck’s blonde hue corresponds with the light-toned flooring inside, both a beachy complement to the blue waters of the pool and the inlet beyond. Bovell’s team used board-formed concrete for the siding, which has a softwood grain texture that mimics the natural wood of the decking.

For this project, Bovell selected acetylated wood for the decking — a material chosen carefully to stand up to the climate of the site. Acetylating changes the cell structure of the wood so the cell walls block moisture, reducing the wood’s ability to absorb water. This results in nontoxic wood that’s naturally water- and insect-resistant, is barefoot-friendly and is safe for people and pets.

“We found this product after searching for a replacement for natural wood alternatives for decking material in the challenging climate that is the West Coast of British Columbia,” Bovell says. “Accoya wood is a good choice of wood for the West Coast because there are not any other durable wood options that are hard enough for a durable deck surface.” Additionally, the wood offered by Accoya is sustainably sourced, with a smaller environmental footprint than other decking materials.

2. Enhance Your Home’s Architectural Features

Wood decking is a good choice for any home style, traditional to modern. Whether the wood is light or dark, the surface textured or smooth, decking can complement and enhance the architectural features of your home. One of the best things about natural wood, Bovell says, is the variation in colour and texture between and within planks. “We find that this natural variation creates enough ‘noise’ and beauty as it is, so we try very hard to find a single wood that can be used in all applications and locations — horizontal siding, vertical decking, on soffits, sometimes on ceilings,” she says.

The architects used Accoya wood for the decking, soffit, exterior siding and exterior window screens of this contemporary West Vancouver home. Using the same material for all of these applications enhanced the minimalist look they were after, bringing the focus to the clean lines of the building and the gorgeous view. Choosing a material that would work both indoors and out and stand up to weather exposure was essential to the integrated style.

3. Complement Your Yard

Even if you have a modest-size home, wood decking is a natural companion to any style of landscape or even a view looking out to leafy canopies. At home alongside lawns, flower beds, shrubs and trees, wood decking provides a calming neutral palette for colourful gardens and looks harmonious with green landscaping. Grey is an on-trend neutral colour for decking, letting a green lawn and colourful flowers really pop. One of the advantages of using natural wood decking is that the boards will naturally weather to a silvery grey. If you’re bringing greenery to your deck with potted plants, choosing acetylated wood reduces the chance of water stains left by the pots.


4. Express Your Personal Style

Options abound when it comes to colour stains and surface textures for wood decking. You can let your design taste shine with smooth, brushed, charred or even custom textured finishes for a one-of-a-kind look. Bovell prefers a wood’s more natural texture and focuses on stains. “The stain is usually matched to the wood scheme in the interior or exterior architecture and material palette of the house,” she says.

The slight variation in the boards and natural weathering can add subtle texture to an expanse of decking. Additionally, you might like to explore mixing wood decking with different hardscape materials such as cut stone, poured concrete or crunchy gravel, and choose a board colour and finish that ties them together visually. In the same way, Bovell selected a blonde hue to match the hardwood floors of the previously mentioned home, you could select decking to pick up the colours of natural stone in a flagstone path leading to a deck, for a similarly cohesive look.

5. Cut Down on Maintenance

When assessing your garden as a whole, consider the size of the planted areas, including lawns that need frequent mowing and flower beds that require tending, versus areas that are hardscaped. The time that goes into tending lawns or beds, not to mention the irrigation needed, often far exceeds time spent keeping a patio or deck clean and in good condition. So including some areas of decking can not only boost outdoor living space but also the time you have available to enjoy it.

That being said, any deck will need regular maintenance since it’s exposed to the elements. In general, you should sweep it regularly, clean it yearly, repair any damage, and stain or seal the wood surface when necessary. Accoya’s uncoated decks are particularly low-maintenance compared with other decking materials and are made from naturally rot-resistant wood. However, any wood is susceptible to weathering and sealing or staining can help protect it.

The wood acetylation process that changes the cell structure of Accoya’s wood improves the decking’s dimensional stability — the amount it expands and contracts —making it scratch-resistant, helping coatings last longer and requiring less maintenance. “Any stain product that is used tends to last longer on the surface of the material because the wood goes through less expansion and contraction, creating a better barrier to the elements,” Bovell says of Accoya wood decking.

More: To learn more about the benefits of Accoya’s sustainably sourced, acetylated wood decking and choose a style that complements your home and garden, visit our decking page here.

This story was written by the Houzz Sponsored Content team.

Visit the Accoya Houzz account here.

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Transforming your home into a staycation retreat

With holidays abroad still looking uncertain, thousands of Brits may be spending even more time at home this summer. Even with the ban on international travel set to potentially lift in May, it’s not a sure thing, and up to 90% of UK summer holiday options are already sold out! Here’s some ideas and inspiration for transforming your home into a staycation retreat.


So, with no beach stays for the foreseeable future, what can you do to make your own outdoor space a treat to spend time in?  It may be easier than you think to create your very own attractive al fresco area to while away the summer hours, whether basking in the sun or enjoying the long evenings. With spring now (just about) upon us and good weather hopefully on the horizon, let’s take a look at four outdoor trends we expect to see this year that will help make houses and homes into luxury staycation retreats.

Invest in the outdoors

As the covers come off this spring, we expect homeowners to once again prioritise their outdoor spaces when it comes to home improvements. Summer lockdown in 2020 saw a DIY boom with online sales of garden and home improvement materials tripling, and this year looks set to be no different.

Whether it’s building a new set of planters or digging new flowerbeds, we Brits love to garden – in fact, 42% of us regularly partake in gardening – that’s a huge 27 million people nationwide. Working in the fresh air of the garden is well known to reduce stress and boost your mental and physical wellbeing, giving you a renewed sense of purpose and achievement (which we can all agree is much needed this year).

We all now have a golden opportunity to spend more valuable time in the garden, and for many, that will mean rolling up the sleeves and getting stuck into jobs like recoating our deck and repainting the garden furniture.

The natural charm of timber decking

The natural charm of timber decking

Timber remains the classic choice for outdoor decking, despite advancements in alternative materials, and it can certainly enhance the look of any garden. Choosing the right timber decking to complement your outside space is critical though, and there are some considerations to bear in mind including a budget, maintenance and style.

Timber is warm and beautiful and can give your garden a natural charm that you just can’t achieve with plastic. It is easily cut and shaped to work around your existing garden features and can be stained, treated or coloured with a vast range of coatings and textures to suit your look. Installation costs tend to be lower than other materials, and depending on your budget, there are plenty of different options, such as softwoods, hardwoods and modified woods such as Accoya®. When it comes to maintenance, more durable species or modified wood are good options with less regular upkeep required to keep your deck looking pristine all year round. Finally, don’t forget that sourcing environmentally friendly timber decking should always be on your radar, so look for the FSC® certification if in doubt.

Escape to the garden office

Escape to the garden office

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we work. Although permanent home working is likely to be gradually replaced by a flexible hybrid office/home model as restrictions ease, there will still be thousands of us tapping away on laptops at home this year.  So, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing demand for garden offices soar as workers seek a quiet space outside away from the noise of the house.

Garden offices tend to be entirely separate from the house, fully insulated with heating and built for all weather conditions. Depending on space, they can range in size from a single person room to a fully kitted out office with a built-in kitchen and bathroom. Cheaper than a house extension, garden offices also come with significantly less environmental impact, particularly if built from or clad in sustainable timber.

Get outdoor cooking

Get outdoor cooking

A year of stay-at-home restrictions has elevated the need to fully maximise any outdoor space you may have, improving both functionality and aesthetics. According to Google Trends, searches for ‘outdoor kitchen ideas’ have surged by 60% in the UK since the start of the year, and they’re a great way to extend your available interior space for alfresco socialising with friends and family. If you’re missing that feeling of cooking outside on a barbecue in the early evening sunshine on holiday, this might be one for you.

Outdoor kitchens can be anything from a simple built-in barbecue to a full kitchen with a sink, preparation space and even a fridge. They can be built as a DIY job or made fully bespoke, but when buying make sure you consider durability just as you would with any outdoor furniture which may come under attack from the British weather.

Instead of more vulnerable materials like scaffolding wood, try a kitchen built with Accoya wood or Tricoya MDF board which have both been preserved through a unique acetylation process and will last far longer in wet (and dry) conditions – perfect for an outdoor kitchen that will last for many more summers to come!


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