Accsys Technologies has two vacancies available. For the latest job descriptions please see below:

Job Title: Product Development Engineer
Department: Product Development
Responsible: Product Development projects

Increasing product use in core markets and further in new applications and geographies serve as a foundation to this growth and basis for this new role.

Main responsibilities and duties

1 Project design, management and reporting in the product development department on topics related to:

  • New species development
  • Performance of ancillary products, eg. adhesives
  • Process optimisation
2 Support to colleagues projects in the form of co-ordination of external suppliers, desk based research and review / collaboration with external companies, eg. timber distributor and joinery manufacturing customers.
3 Managing and supporting certification and external test programs related to Accsys products at institutes in Europe and further afield.
4 Disseminating results of work within the Accsys commercial sales teams, and support to Accsys customers on implementing new developments as appropriate.
5 Develop and evolve personal expertise so becoming an Accsys product and application expert.


Key attributes & competencies

Attributes and competencies relevant for the role:
- Detailed materials (preferably wood) knowledge and experience.
- Able to apply a disciplined and structured approach generally, and particularly when working on independent projects.
- Able to work in an English language work environment.
- Team player with some flexibility in work schedule.


Educational Experience:
BSc. Wood Science, Forestry or Chemistry.
Strong proficiency in written and spoken English.
Experience in working within a wood industry related business and having an associated professional network.
Wood workshop experience and proficiency is beneficial.
Please send your CV directly to


Job Title:                             Production Manager
Department:                        Operations
Reporting to:                       Operations Manager
Responsible For:                Managing the production team

Main responsibilities and duties

·  Directly manage 5 senior process operators (shift leaders) and indirectly 20 – 25 process operators;
·  Identify organizational and technical problems and initiate solutions in consultation with the Supply Chain, QA/QC and Maintenance departments;
·  Advise the Operations Manager about improvements due to the operational business.
·  Organize the implementation of production planning due to the established standards of quality and safety;
·  Provide monthly reports and time sheets for the process operators;
·  Responsible for managing shift patterns to ensure the correct skills set and correct number of people are in each shift;
·  Responsible for the training plan for the production team;
·  Ensuring compliance with the occupational health and safety, security, quality and environmental policies;
·  Doing investment and policy proposals for production, to include costing and evaluation.

Key attributes & competencies

Leadership skills: 
Must be have excellent interpersonal skills and be a proven relationship builder.
Team Orientation:
Capable of operating both individually and as part of a team

Any other attributes or competencies relevant for the role:
Must be able to give clear direction to the production teams, take the lead yourself, manage employees and resources so that goals can be achieved successfully.Must be clear about what results are to be achieved and be able to motivate staff to achieve objectives.Must be able to guide and motivate employees to function better.Must uphold high Quality and Safety standards and be committed to the continuous improvement of the production process.Must be able to determine goals and priorities and take the necessary action regarding the objectives and goals of the company.

Educational Experience:
Bachelor degree in ChemistryMust be a fluent English speaker
Professional Experience:
A minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Production Manager preferably in the chemicals industry.Relevant sector knowledge highly desirable chemicals industry.Please send your CV directly to




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